BYOB: Build Your Own Bag

Each month, we work as a group to fill bags with snacks for the McKinney-Vento program (scroll down for more info!).  We usually meet the first Saturday morning of the month, but please check Facebook or our newsletter to confirm the date.  

Food donations can be dropped off at church. Just be sure to contact Wendy at 316-685-4451 for drop off times. Here are some great items to include:

  • Beef sticks or any other protein item that does not require refrigeration.
  • Pudding or fruit cups
  • Capri Sun or Juice box type drinks
  • Packages of Snack crackers
  • Breakfast bars
  • Packages of fruit snacks
  • Instant Oatmeal packages


Anyone can fill bags at home and drop them off. You can use the donation list above and fill a gallon size plastic baggy with at least 7 food items. The bag must include at least one protein food and drink item and 5 other items (see above list for food suggestions). Be sure to include a spoon and napkin or paper towel in each bag. 

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what could you share?

Take a look at the supply list below. These items can be dropped off at Pilgrim during the Sunday worship experience or any other event throughout the week. There are bins located in the front pews of the Sanctuary -- just locate the bin that contains similar items.

We appreciate your continued support of this ongoing, important work in the community!

  • Breakfast bars

    • Single-serve, any variety
  • single-serve treats

    • Cookies
    • Little Debbie snacks
    • other sweet treats
  • pudding & fruit cups

    • Single-serve, any variety
  • drinks

    • Capri Sun (or similar)
    • Fruit Juice boxes
  • a protein source

    • Beef Jerky sticks are popular
  • single-serve snacks

    • Snack Crackers
    • Cheez-Its, Gummies (or similar)

What is McKinney-Vento?

Did you know that USD 259, the public school district that covers Wichita, is the largest in the state of Kansas? And out of approximately 50,000 students enrolled each year, some among them are homeless. This can be a chronic situation or temporary, with families experience transition that carries them from one housing situation to another. 

The McKinney-Vento Program is the outgrowth of a federal law crafted many years ago to address the needs of students in public schools who find themselves temporarily or chronically homeless, and USD 259 has a strong organization addressing this need so that students remain in school and are directed to resources that will equip them for success in life. What they've found is that high school age students are often underserved in this area, so we partner with them to create "snack bags" that are distributed through the 10 high schools in Wichita, hoping that this simple service will help sustain them through weekends and keep them connected to succeed in school. 

We use all donations to this ministry to purchase the above-listed food items, as well as to making offerings directly to the Project Graduation program offered by USD 259's McKinney-Vento Program. Click the button below to donate to this important, ongoing, Wichita-centered ministry work!