At our founding in 1951, Pilgrim came into being just as Wichita was expanding eastward along Harry Street. The neighborhood that built up around us filled quickly with young families moving to the suburban edges of the city. We began meeting in a farmhouse on our current property, now known as the "Parish House," until we outgrew the space and built our current sanctuary building. As our membership moved beyond the neighborhood, we have continued to seek ways to be in ministry with those who surround our immediate property as well as expand our sights to be a church for the city.

pilgrim @ 9:15 am


We are proud to be anchor of the Fairmount neighborhood, just south of Wichita State University, since 1892. As the university has grown and changed, so too have we and the neighborhood that surrounds us. Many distinguished professors and alumnae of WSU have been part of our church family over the years, as the neighborhood was reflective of that community. Today we seek to engage the student community, as well as progressive-minded people who call our diverse neighborhood home. As we endeavor to connect in new and meaningful ways, we are changing the way we worship. For generations faith, like all values passed from one generation to the next, has been shared first around the dinner table, We are excited to begin renovations to our facility and an overhaul of our worship style to reflect a "dinner church" model to meet the needs of 21st-century ministry in the community we proudly serve. 

We plan to launch our new model in 2019 -- we invite you to join us so that, together, we create something entirely new in Wichita!

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