god invited us to do a new thing.

so we bought a building.

We are in the process of renovating and moving into our new facility at 5200 E. 31st Street South in Wichita. The space is fantastic, with plenty of parking and almost 18,000 functional square feet! When we come back together again in-person, we are so excited to see what new possibilities for the life of the congregation will arise!

Our Temporary Home is the PRAIRIE HOMESTEAD CHAPEL

until further notice.

We will use this page to keep you informed of progress on the project. We will include pictures, video, and add new information as it becomes available. Check back often!



March 2022

The plans are finally finishing city approval! It has been a much longer process than we had hoped, and has delayed contractors being able to start their work. But with steely determination we are just about to kick the rebuilding phase in full motion. Check with the weekly communicator (sign-up here) for upcoming workday plans.

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November 2021: We have a beam!!! 

We've been able to use our office area for small meetings and our outdoor space for Trunk or Treat, but work instead has been a major concern. The central issue is a structural beam that will allow us to remove a large column which would obscure the center front of the sanctuary.  With the help of our new contractor, 5 Star, we have finally found a place in Texas that can manufacture and send the beam this month!  Other estimates had put us closer to Spring 2022. 

The reality of shipping delays and huge increases in supply costs have had a big impact on our vision for this moving process.  Our congregation will need to have some serious conversations about increasing the renovation budget; and meanwhile, because of the extended timeframe, we've decided to begin meeting again in person at a new temporary location. However, we are still full of hope for what the future holds in store when we are able to have a grand opening of our new facility!

August 2021

New drawings are now available to view!! 

Here are the latest architectural plans: Sanctuary and raftersoutletslighting 1lighting 2old plumbingnew plumbing, and plumbing detail. These plans are complete except for a few incorporating some minor last-minute changes. Our new sign was put in place and wired, and we've already begun making use of it!  

A next step is to start getting bids from the contractors. This will include Structural Steel, Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System, Framers, Electricians, Plumbers, Sheet Rockers, Wood Finishers, Painters, Floor and Carpet Layers, and Drop Ceiling Installers.

June 2021

Demo was mostly completed (a huge job!) and city approvals are pending but may take about a month.  The building and design teams worked hard to keep expenses down, as our rough draft budget was higher than our building sales proceeds. Some renovation may be delayed to a "Phase 2."  We’ve had some members volunteer to pay for a new lectern, new chairs (already arrived, see photo), and backlighting for the cross. Contributions toward the new building are always welcome! We do have some very specific needs besides walls, ceilings, and flooring.

The architect worked with the city and we agreed to limit the capacity to 285 with signage until we expand our parking lot which can be put off for a future phase. When we do expand the parking, the building capacity can be increased up to around 600 people. This provides a lot of potential in the facility.  

May 2021

We updated the architectural plan for the building as the architects and engineers work out the details. Demolition work continues every weekend as we prepare for the next steps in the project.  The walls in the hall to the sanctuary were taken out and another load went to the dump.  Restroom layouts that include ADA complaint stalls were put together by the architect, and they met with the city to go over plans.  Since we’re putting in a sprinkler system, our limiting factor for occupancy will be determined by parking spaces, currently at 298 people.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with our Saturday work days!

March 2021

The facilities team met with two architectural firms. We requested proposals for the renovation project from each of them. A moving date was been scheduled for March. The facilities team has updated the proposed building layout.  All the large items were moved over from the former property to the new one. Thanks to Kim for making that happen so quickly and efficiently!  The design team met at the new building and selected a color scheme for the office area, as well as did some brainstorming on other ideas. The office space was prepared for painting.  The Board reviewed two sign proposals for the new property. The Board elected to contract with an architect to begin the renovation process. Updates were given by Facilities and Design teams. More details can be found in the Meeting MinutesWe received a winning bid on the Harry Street property.  A closing was scheduled for April.